International symposium : Minorities and globalization – October, 23 & 24, 2014

The association Bretagne Culture Diversité, in partnership with the research team Ermine, organized the symposium ‘Minorities and Globalization’, which will focus on the Sakha Republic (in North-East Siberia). This first edition will be structured around three themes:

Ideas – Four theoretical conferences on minorities and identity issues in a globalized society;

Discoveries – Four conferences on the Sakha Republic, or Yakutia;

Decryption –  four conferences on topical issues, with a focus on Catalonia and Scotland, which are currently subject to media attention.

The program :[bloc-noir]

Thursday, October 23, 2014

6PM – 7.30PM Cine-debate (free) : Projection of Yakut films (Speech by Emilie Maj, ethnologist, specialist in Yakut culture, association Borealia)

–       KÜNDÜL, a film by Viatcheslav Semionov

1942 was a year of large-scale movements of people across Soviet Union. The  Coordinating Committee of Armed Forces ordered the removal of around 40 kolkhozes in the Tchouraptcha region in Central Yakoutia for purposes of resettlement in the Arctic, to set up fisheries in order to feed front troops. 4 988 inhabitants were sent in the North without food and proper preparation…


–       BALYKSYT (The Fisherman), a film by Viatcheslav Semionov

An old fisherman lives on the shore of a long-forgotten lake, in the heart of the Siberian forest In Yakutia-Sakha. He avoided people, lived like a hermit, and every day, he praised the spirits for the food offered by nature. One day, as he was picking up his creels, he saw a man whose head extended out of the water. At first, this cut-off head terrified him, but he realized the man was still alive, and decided to rescue him.


–      OGO KUJUURDUU TURARA (The child on the lake), in Sakha, an experimental film by Prokopi NOGOVITSYN

In order not to famish and to be able to study, a little boy decides to go fishing on the lake.  He asks the spirit of the lake to provide him with fish, but he is starving, so eventually he faints and gets acquainted with his ancestors.


8.30PM Yakut/Even music concert in the Tambour-Rennes2 (free)

*Books, CDs and DVDs relating to Yakutia and minorities (subject to availability)


Friday, October 24, 2014

9PM – 9.30PM Reception

9.30PM – 10PM Introductory speeches

  • A representative of the Regional Council of Brittany : M. Jean-Michel Le Boulanger
  • The mayor of Rennes : Ms. Nathalie Appéré
  • The President of Bretagne Culture Diversité : M. Ronan Le Coadic

10PM – 12PM Session 1. Ideas

Session chairman : M. Yves Plasseraud, legal expert, President of the Minority Rights Group.

  • M. Rémi Léger, professor of political science at the University Simon Fraser (Vancouver, Canada) : ‘From recognition to empowerment for indigenous peoples and minority groups’;
  •  M. Alain Dieckhoff, director of research at the CNRS, director of the Center for International Studies and Research (CERI, or Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches Internationales), Sciences Po Paris : ‘Stateless nations: some conceptual clarifications’;
  • Ms. Tove Malloy, professor of social sciences at the University of Southern Denmark, director of ECMI – European Centre for Minority Issues;
  • M. Daniel Weinstock, professor of law at the à McGill University and chairman of the field Canadian Research Chair on Ethics and Political Philosophy.

12PM – 2PM Lunch break

2PM – 4PM Session 2. Exchanges

Session chairwoman: Ms. Denise Helly, professor and researcher at the INRS, Montreal.

  • Ms. Varvara Belolubskaya, Even ethnolinguist, Ph.D. in literature, director of the department of Northern languages, North-Eastern Federal University Maxime Ammosov, (Sakha Republic, Russia) : ‘Languages of the Northern minority peoples in Sakha Republic (Yakutia): current state and development prospects’,
  •  Ms. Isabella Borissova, Yakut sociolinguist, Ph.D. in language didactics, director of the center for francophone collaboration and of the French center at the North-Eastern Federal University Maxime Ammosov (Sakha Republic, Russia) : ‘Study of ethnic stereotypes of Yakut Peoples’;
  • M. Vyacheslav Shadrin, Yukhagir ethnologist, researcher at the Institute for humanitarian research (Sakha Republic) : ‘The ethno-environmental expertise in Yakutia: experience, problems and prospects’;
  • Ms. Marianna Samsonova, Yakut linguist, director of the department of French studies, Institute for foreign languages and regional studies, North-Eastern Federal University Maxime Ammosov (Sakha Republic, Russia).

4PM – 4.15PM Break

4.15PM – 6.15PM Session 3. Decoding

Session chairman : M. Joseph Yacoub, honorary professor at the Catholic University in Lyon.

  • M. Salvador Cardus i Ros, full professor of sociology at the faculty of political sciences and sociology of the Autonomous University of Barcelona : ‘The keys to the Catalan revolt: against humiliation, for the abandonment of minority condition’;
  • M. Michael Keating, professor of political sciences at the University of Aberdeen, holder of the chair in Scottish politics;
  • M. David Bell, professor of economy at the University of Stirling (Scotland/Great-Britain);
  • M. Marc Gafarot i Monjó, coordinator and specialist at CIDOB (Barcelona’s Center for International Affairs) (Catalonia/Spain).

6.15PM – 6.30PM Closing speech Ronan Le Coadic


Saturday, October 25 2014

Within the context of the Bogue d’Or (Redon-35), and in partnership with the Breton culture organization of the Pays de Vilaine (GCBPV)


5PM – 6PM  Yakut/Even music concert at the Theater ‘Le canal’ in Redon, in partnership with GCBPV

Free (subject to availability – reservation recommended)

(Opening/closing times to be decided)

Ciné Manivel : cine-debate : Yakut films Projection and speech by Emilie Maj, ethnologist, specialist in Yakut culture, association Borealia


Projected films:

– KÜNDÜL, by Viatcheslav Semionov

– BALYKSYT (The Fisherman), by Viatcheslav Semionov

– Ogo kujuurduu turaraThe child on the lake, in Sakha”, an experimental film by Prokopi NOGOVITSYN


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