Statement of intent of the founding members

A. The Regional council of Brittany and BCD

The creation of the association BCD is a very welcome development, since it symbolizes the will of the Regional council to strengthen their efforts towards Breton culture and diversity. There can therefore be no question of grants awarded to BCD leading to the decrease of grants for other structures ; that would be a diversion of the association’s purpose. The founding members of the association will pay a particular attention to this aspect.

B. BCD’s role

More generally, BCD’s role shall not become a grant window for the associations working in the field of Breton culture or diversity. It is the association’s duty to trigger a new momentum by using financial and human means to drive innovative actions with regard to Breton culture and diversity, in partnerships with  associations which can not do so on their own.

C. The meaning of words

 1. Brittany

The Brittany BCD refers to is the supposedly « historical » Brittany, made up of the five departments where Breton culture was documented.

2. Culture

The association is willing to apprehend and broadcast Breton culture from an anthropological (that is, very broad) and non-elitist point of view. However, in the light of the vastness of the object, it will be impossible to make a comprehensive inventory and broadcast everything. Therefore, we shall make informed choices.

3. Diversity

The notion of diversity is interpreted by the association as follows. On the one hand, the world is plural. Bretons must make themselves heard in this global concert ; besides, it is in their interest to know the culture minorities and situations which are comparable to theirs, if only to understand themselves better.  On the other hand, Brittany itself is plural. It entails its share of secular diversity  (linguistic boundary, country, etc.) and some diversity which stemmed from immigration or was caused by their own paths and experiences. This plurality has to be better known, in order to draw comparisons and build « bridges » between various situations.


Rennes, the 5th of July 2012

  • Ronan Le Coadic, founding member, president
  • Jean-Jacques Monnier, founding member, secretary
  • Philippe Ramel, founding member, treasurer
  • Marthe Vassalo,  founding member
  • Christine Angoujard,  founding member